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Mike and Susan's Neon Kicks!
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Susan and Mike's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
10:00 pm
Stage 3
Sorry for the long delay between posts. I ran into a snag when I found out Mapquest no longer lets you enter multiple destinations for a map. It has to be done point to point. I didn't want to swamp people with too many maps--then I got the brilliant idea of merging them with Photoshop. It's a bit fuzzy, but should do for the purpose of giving a general idea of our itinerary!

261-490 miles

Lots of unusual sights to visit on this leg! In case you can't tell, we are wandering up near the Nebraska border in this stage.

From Norton, east on 36 to Phillipsburg, which has a railroad museum and is also the home of my friend Darlene!

Continuing east on 36, to US-281 and then a few miles north, we come to Lebanon, Kansas (kind of between the 'r' and 'g' of Phillipsburg). Just a bit outside of town there is a marker denoting the geographic center of the 48 contiguous US states. Gotta see THAT!

Going SE from Lebanon (281 to 181 to 24) we head for Cawker City. This is the home of ONE of the largest balls of twine in the world.
(This link details the various arguments of the three contenders, in case you GOTTA know!) They also have a church with an extremely old pipe organ, and a nice recreational lake area.

By doubling back a little (24 to 281 to 18), we will get to Lucas, Kansas, home of the Garden of Eden , a huge eccentric art/political commentary project from the early part of last century. Another sight not to be missed!

From Lucas we will head back east on 18 until we get to US 81, and ride that highway until we get to Minneapolis. Minneapolis, Kansas. From there it's a short hop to the defunct town of Lamar, Kansas. I have decided to collect Lamars, or at least photos of them.

Sunday, January 4th, 2004
8:26 pm
Stage 2
Just FYI, these aren't meant to be daily goals or anything. I just thought roughly 100-150 miles was a good size for a post.

Also, you will be noting a LOT of train related stops. Trains are one of Mike's passions, so we'll be seeing a lot of railroad museums and such. We probably won't stop at ALL of them (or all the other attractions I mention either), but we have noted them on our list in a hopeful fashion.

116-260 miles

From Burlington, east on US-24 (the older highway, more interesting than I-70, which it parallels) to Kanorado, Kansas (train museum & caboose)

Continuing east on 24 to Goodland (museum), Colby (museum), to US-83 N and then to 383 East. That leads to Dresden (thrift shop), and on to Jennings (museum & old train station). Continuing on 383 until we join US-36 East, which takes us to what will likely be our first stop, Norton KS.

Near Norton is the Prairie Dog State Park and Reservoir, which might be good for camping. In Norton itself we can see an old stagecoach station and ANOTHER museum!

1:07 am
First post!
In just a bit over seven months, Mike and I will be setting out on the adventure of a lifetime! We are going to drive to Chicago, then follow old Route 66 out to L.A.!

I decided to start this LJ so I can show people our tentative itinerary. Fun as a trip like this is all by itself, it can only be more so if we get to drop in and see family and friends along the way!

Please feel free to make comments or suggestions on any of this!

0-115 miles

Leave Lamar and drive to Granada, Colorado, eastbound on US 50.

Turn north onto US 385, passing through Sheridan Lake, to Cheyenne Wells. (Visit museum?)

Continue north to Burlington, Colorado. **Visit antique Carousel and museum.**

Edited -- now with extra added MAP!

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